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Helpful Hints

Recovering Floorboards 

Jewelry Packaging explains how easy it is to cover showcase floorboards yourself!

Many jewelers ask us about floorboards. Presentation Box does, of course produce floorboards for customers, but it is really a simple thing to do yourself. Covering your own floorboards can save you time and money, plus it allows you to change them more often.  We sell fabric by the yard right here on in black, white, or beige leatherette.  If you need another color, please contact our customer service representative at 800-556-7390 for all available options. 

  1. If you have old floorboards, strip off the old fabric. If none exists cut them to size from ¼” masonite. A local cabinet shop can do this if you wish.
  2. Cover your work area with a drop cloth to keep from soiling your floorboards.
  3. Identify and mark the topside of your board. Place the board topside down on the backside of the fabric.
  4. Trim the fabric 1” larger than the board all the way around. Remove the board.
  5. Apply a thin coat of spray adhesive ( such as “3M” brand) to the entire surface of the material. Follow the instructions on the product label. Spray adhesive is available at art-supply and office supply stores.
  6. Spray the face of the board with spray adhesive as well.
  7. Lay the board face down onto the fabric.
  8. Turn the board over and smooth any wrinkles,
  9. Turn the board over and pull the excess fabric over the edges and press firmly to the back of the adhesive coated board. Now cut off the excess material in the corners with a pair of scissors.
  10. Apply a strip of wide tape, such as masking tape or duct tape over the edges of the material on the backside. This will ensure a smooth back of the board, and prevent the edges of material from pulling free. 
Cleaning Your Showcase Displays

Displays are often soiled from normal daily use.

Dirt, dust, perspiration, cosmetics, ballpoint pen ink, and jeweler’s rouge are all common sources of soiling.

There are a few simple rules to remember when cleaning your displays:

  1. Try to get to the dirt, stain, or soil as soon as possible. This is especially true of ballpoint pen ink.
  2. Always test the cleaning agent you select on an out-of-sight area, such as the back or bottom of a display.
Cleaning Suede
Mix a half cap-full of a cleaning detergent in cold water. Do not use a cleaning agent that contains bleach or any bluing agents. Rub the soiled area gently with a soft cotton cloth with a small circular motion, until the soil is removed.Rinse the area with clean clear cold water, and let the fabric air-dry.

Cleaning Leatherette
The same method for cleaning suede can also be used for cleaning leatherette. Another method of cleaning leatherette material is using a common household product such as Simple Green. This is a biodegradable spray-on cleaner that you can use full strength right out of bottle, and has normally been proven safe for most fabrics.